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Courtney McHugh

Fractional COO

Business Systems, Operational Excellence, Organizational Health

Andrew Bull

Fractional COO

Operational Excellence, Leadership Development, Team Development

Stephanie German

Fractional COO

Leadership Development, Process Optimization, Management

Ashraf Ghadban

Fractional COO, Fractional CEO

Operations, Leadership Development, Process Optimization, Technology Implementation

Kirk Alexander

Fractional COO

Operations, Efficiency, Process Optimization, Leadership Development

Michael Swafford

Fractional COO

Operations, Systems Integration, Leadership Development

Robert (Bob) Minshall

Fractional COO

Structure, Process, Metrics, Sales & Marketing

Jill Thompson

Fractional COO, Fractional CFO

Operations, Finance, Strategy, Growing People

Christopher Lambert

Fractional CEO, Fractional CTO

Leadership Development, Technology

Hannah Lau

Fractional COO, Fractional CMO

Operations, Management, Marketing Strategy

John Galbraith

Fractional COO

Systems Integration, Digital Transformation, Strategy

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