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Fractional Operations


We have supported over 1,100 businesses and counting in their scaling journeys. 

Here are the top questions we receive and our answers.


How many of them are on your mind?

We offer a range of support for scaling businesses, including:


  • Fractional operational support (Chief Operations Officers and Operations Managers) for financially stable businesses. Our clients have the ambition to scale and sufficiently complex operations, such as team size and revenue streams, to warrant expert support.

  • Coaching for in-house operations managers and COOs.

  • Needs Analysis and business planning meetings to get to the core of your business challenges and create a plan.

  • Tools, templates, events, digital programs, and access to experts through

How can Scaling Management Consulting Group, Inc. help me and my business?

Our clients typically come to us with the following needs:

  • As a CEO, there are more things to do than hours in the day. You’re getting busier as the business scales.

  • As a business leader, you spend more time working in the business, running it operationally, than strategically working on the business.

  • You know that your operations could be more efficient and effective if there were dedicated time and expertise focussed on them.

  • You desire a strategic, right-hand executive to bounce ideas off and discuss plans with.

  • You have sustainable revenue to provide a budget to invest in fractional operations support, knowing this is a more cost-effective and flexible structure than hiring this expertise permanently.

  • You are ready to start delegating more but don’t have sufficient expertise and resources within your organization to do this effectively.


To go deeper on this, check out our videos “When To Hire A COO” and “Why You Need To Hire a Chief Operating Officer - When To Do It.

Is my business ready for a COO?

The typical benefits you and your business will experience from hiring a COO include:

  • Having a senior executive to delegate to who can take the lead on the firm's daily operations frees you to run strategy and, frankly, to have more time for yourself.

  • The COO can lead the communication process across the business, getting everyone on the same page.

  • Efficient, optimized operational processes thanks to a COO's dedicated focus and expertise.

  • A second pair of eyes and fresh perspective on your ideas and plans for the firm.


To find out more about the COO role and what it can do for your business, check out our video “What Is The Role Of The Chief Operations Officer?

What benefits will I get from hiring a COO?

A Chief Operations Officer (COO) is typically a senior executive responsible for the business's day-to-day operations. In many companies, they work as the right-hand person or integrator to the CEO, ensuring the business runs smoothly, while the CEO operates in a visionary role, developing company strategy and future plans. A COO frees you up to work on business strategy rather than working in the business.


An Operations Manager (OM) is an operational expert with an implementation focus. They will typically report to a COO and ensure the proper reporting and processes are in place and working well across the firm.


For more, check out our video “The Difference Between a Director of Operations, COO and a Business Manager.

Do I need a Chief Operations Officer or an Operations Manager?

An Integrator is typically the right-hand executive to a CEO and is responsible for the business's operations. In contrast, an Implementor implements the operational processes and systems. Or if you follow the EOS system, an Implementor comes into your business quarterly to help keep you on track by facilitating leadership team meetings.

If you’d like to know more about the role of an Integrator and how it works with the CEO, or Visionary in an organization, check out our video “The 1 Thing Rocket Fuel Doesn't Tell You About Finding Your Matching Visionary/Integrator.

What’s the difference between an Integrator and an Implementor?

Our clients enjoy the benefits of highly experienced COOs and Operations Managers without the entire cost and commitment of hiring them as full-time employees.


Working on a fractional basis is a flexible, cost-effective model, allowing you to bring in the precise expertise your business needs at the right time. 


At SMCG, our resources and support model scale flexibly over time in line with your needs.


To find out more about hiring a Fractional COO, watch our video “Consider Hiring A Fractional COO.”

What’s the advantage of a Fractional COO or Operations team vs. hiring full-time employees?

Yes. We have a suite of fractional leaders, including CEOs, CTOs, and CMOs. 


Additionally, through, we offer flexible access to a range of other experts as part of our monthly plans.

Do you offer any other Fractional Executives beyond COOs?

Our fractional operations services are designed for businesses with annual revenues between $1 Mil and $10 Mil that have ambitions to scale and the necessary complexity to warrant the support of a fractional operations team.


Our support, and therefore pricing, is customized to your business requirements and ambitions. To help you see how we customize our support here are a few of our most popular packages:


If a business needs only Fractional COO Support:  our typical client using this service has an operations team member in house and only requires the senior role of a Fractional COO. Depending on the number of hours needed per week (usually between 8 and 10 hours) this is a monthly retainer of approximately $7,200.

If a business needs a Fractional Operations Manager: our typical client using this service has a tactical need in the business. We pair this with an oversight role from a fractional COO to help maximize the value for your business.  Depending on the number of hours for the Fractional Operations Manager per week (usually between 15 and 20 hours) and the oversight by the COO, this is a monthly retainer of approximately $7,200.

If a business needs a team, a support process unique to Scaling Management Consulting Group, Inc.: our typical client using this service has no operational support in house and requires both tactical and strategic assistance.  Depending on the number of hours needed per week (usually between 8 and 10 hours for the COO and 15-20 hours for the Operations Manager) this is a monthly retainer over $10,000.

We have clients on lower and higher monthly retainers based on the business and personnel needs.  If your business has annual revenues below $1,000,000 we may still be able to help and customize a solution that works.

How much will it cost me to invest in fractional operations support?

Yes, we have successfully worked with several newly appointed COOs and Operations Managers to increase their skills.  

There is no ‘One Size Fits All’ approach to being an effective COO or Integrator and becoming an effective COO is not as simple as just reading some books and implementing. What works in one organization might not work in another. The easiest, fastest, and most effective approach to leveling-up your team’s operational management skills is to have an experienced COO walk you through exactly what you should be doing in your specific situation - every step of the way.

Our expert in-house COOs are not only teachers and mentors  But someone who will guide, coach, and ensure a focus on implementation.

What if I have an Operations Person who I think can fill a Senior Operations role.  Do you offer executive development for that person?

We’ve created to help businesses with tools, templates, events, digital programs, and access to experts at all stages of their journey.


Start by registering for a free account here.

I have a business idea but no revenue yet. Can you help me?

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